Journal: Day 0

Day zero comes to an end. The idea thusforth will be to write at least something down every day, but we'll see how that goes.

We've made a 13-hour sprint from Cordoba to JuJuy on those nice fancy Argentino buses, and that brings us now to a food stand at midnight in the bus terminal of JuJuy, awaiting the 01:00 departure to La Quiaca and the Bolivian border.

The day carries aptly the name 'Day 0' because it really isn't so much a part of the adventure, and more of a big leap out of Argentine. We said goodbye to Oliver and Antoine today, catching yet another last glimpse of friends out the window of a bus...  and now I cant sit still. It was the same all last night and all day today. The energy is just jerking at me. I couldn't get the idea of heading out on the road out of my head. The thought stands right out from the start as something you know you'll remember your whole life, so all of a sudden every moment matters a whole lot more, Some day when George and I are old, pathetic, and incapable, this reminiscence will be a big chunk of fuel that keeps us going through those distant days. We're working on a painting that will hang in the near background of our lives and memories prominently and forever, so we've got to do it well, yes? Check back in tomorrow.


What I'm Wearing: sweat pants, jeans, cotton socks, wool socks, t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, wool sweater, big jacket.