Born and raised in Texas, I studied music theory in high school and hoped to one day conduct an orchestra, until one day I took a journalism class and never abandoned the idea. 

Even as a child at the dawn of the digital age, I regularly wrote long emails to friends, relaying the narrative of my family vacations to national parks or the arc of my dull summer days. So writing became habit. 

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At 18 years old I left Texas for Argentina, galvanizing a lifelong fascination with the mystery and majesty of faraway places. The country surprised me. So few things were as I expected. I was, I realized, deeply ignorant. That invigorating realization made the world all the more fascinating. There was so much to learn and so little to be assumed. 

Now I collect stories, finding them here or there or sometimes going off in search of them. When the going gets tough, the stories get good. So I plan my route accordingly. 

During my first year in full time journalism, publishing thrice daily for the web desk of the Houston Chronicle, my articles hit the top spot on Reddit, spurred viral sensations and landed links in The New York Times and The Washington Post. I went on to cover the Ted Cruz presidential campaign, the general election and Super Bowl LI before settling on the business desk real estate beat then embarking on a freelance career. 

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